The journey where we sum up all the eras of mathematics to the final one and get introduced to a recent topic of the modern era. The journey of mathematics was also not easy too. With too much calculations and inputs the mathematician uses to come up with a single concept and then on one single concept, many other ways and methods to simplify them start till bringing up the value. The concept of mathematics started with the symbols and ways of mathematics that are addition, subtraction, etc.

Era before 1 BCE

The sequence of this journey started with the basic concept of mathematics, the number system. This concept gave rise to the number system of the world which is the 0 to 9 where various ideas of systems like the 60 number system etc. were followed by the idea of magic squares which is a fun concept derived from the tortoise back.

The era of 1-500AD

The era where the world-famous concept of Pythagoras was derived from the famous mathematician who was not only a mathematician but he also gave rise to the instruments and music through the help of mathematics. In this era, the fun maths concept or an ancient maths calculator came into being called an abacus, where the calculations were carried out in an easy way.

Era of 500-1500

The main concept of imaginary numbers emerged now and gave rise to the symbol of pi. This symbol doesn’t have just an imaginary value but consists of a set value that is derived through lots of calculations. The imaginary had at least some value but something which is less than zero was impossible to get accepted when the concept of negative numbers came into being. This concept helped in temperatures too indicating too cold as negative.

Era of 1500-1800

The story of a hero named zero which has absolutely no value but has a lot of value when added behind the number is the magic of this hero. The acceptance to follow this was undoubtedly struggling. The other concept where the coordinates were introduced by a mathematician while thinking of plotting it in the air and then giving the things as the Cartesian plane. This era also came up with other imaginary numbers as complex numbers.

Era 1800-1900

This century gave rise to half of half and it’s half which can be called decimals and their proper representation with a concept of representation of matrices which is unique and different structural and functional wise.

Modern Era

Very few concepts of the modern era of Poisson distribution are used in probability functions to make it easy and have a unique formula structure to solve with a supersonic modern fuzzy concept of artificial intelligence and learning which is nowadays the most prominent topic to discuss and know about. This journey made us look at the vast and beautiful area of mathematics and its formation from ancient times.