Fuzzy logic


Our journey from the era when we started talking about the ancient history of mathematics and its story of  how they began to use simple mathematical operations into their daily life has concluded.

We started learning about the ancient era where mathematicians started with wood carving to the era where not even paper is required to solve any sort of complicated  equations.

 Yes we are talking about the era where not  even the human brain was used to solving something. The modern times in which using unusual things such as AIs gave rise to the simplest way of maths.

The binary

The binary logic of any computer is quite  clear: given valid inputs, it will provide appropriate outputs. However, binary computer systems are not always well suited for dealing with the real-world inputs that are ambiguous or unclear.

Taking an example, in case of handwriting recognition, a binary system would not be sufficiently subtle. A system controlled by fuzzy logic, however, allows the Degrees of truth that can analyze complex phenomena in a better way, including human Actions and thought processes.

 Fuzzy logic is an offshoot of the fuzzy set theory.

What is fuzzy logic?

Fuzzy Logic allows a range of truth values for any proposition—not just completely true or completely false, the two values of Boolean logic.

Fuzzy truth values also require Fuzzy logical operators. For example, the fuzzy version of the AND operator of Boolean algebra is the MIN operator, which outputs the minimum of the two Inputs.

Creating fuzzy logic

A basic computer program that mimics the simple human task of soft-boiling an Egg might apply a single rule: boil the egg for five minutes.

 A more sophisticated Program would, like a human, take the weight of the egg into account.

 The first step is to make the data fuzzy—every egg is regarded as both large and small, belonging to both sets to different degrees. Fuzzy logic is now a ubiquitous part of computer-controlled systems. It has many applications, from forecasting weather to trading stocks, and plays a vital role in programming artificial intelligence systems.


Mathematics has come a long way from where it used to be, as we saw throughout our blogs. From simply carving tally marks into woods, we have now evolved into such a level that we now develop programs into artificial human beings.

Technology has developed quite intensely due to the vast knowledge now imparted into students at a very young age. Mathematics also plays quite an important role in the development of technology as a subject.